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BrandedLogoDesigns first milestone company of USA Europe, Australia with over 15,000 loyal and satisfied customers

Brandedlogodesigns stands at present as one of the fully equipped service providers for enhancing your brand’s online presence. With a history of over 10 years, Brandedlogodesigns has been able to expand its services from logo designing to extensive social media advertisement, website designing and all other services pertinent to online business and marketing.The company set its first milestone by entering into the competitive market of the USA with the most number of logo designers. With our quality service and commitment to work, we were able to put each stone at the right place and kept mounting on the path of expansion and development. Currently, we have presence in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia with over 15,000 loyal and satisfied customers. At Brandedlogodesigns, we believe that creativity and innovation is not confined to the workers of the company but customer feedbacks play a vital role in raising the quality standards of the company. For this reason, we have always valued and responded promptly on the reviews and responses of our customers. Our “Print Media” service is the discernible example which was added to our services after it was suggested by one of the company’s loyal customer.

The Unparalleled portfolio of Brandedlogodesigns report is merely because we do not consider any task to be impossible and always gear up to take up the challenge. This attitude has allowed the company to stand neck-to-neck with the global competitors. As we started as a logo design company, we have always paid high regards to this service segment. This accounts for the enriched and diversified logo portfolio that we possess, comprising from the simplest of design ideas to the most intricate ones.

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A Report On The Logo Change Of Reebok.


Branded Logo Designs Reviews – A Report On The Logo Change Of Reebok.

Brandedlogodesigns reviews

It’s most likely not reasonable to continue contrasting Reebok with Nike or Adidas however since nobody ever said outline blogging must be reasonable I should proceed with: I don’t think the past Reebok logo ever attained the same omnipresence or memo ability as the Nike Swoosh or Adidas’ stripes. Before composing this post, in the event that you had requested that to draw the Reebok symbol without any preparation I wouldn’t even have known where to begin. This is far of saying that changing the logo is not a brand value executioner for Reebok and, it would appear, moving into something much less difficult that accompanies a little yet enthusiastic following in the Cross fit group is a savvy move.

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The new delta logo isn’t especially fascinating or inventive — different online journals have whimpered that it would seem that the Delta Faucet logo or Google Drive however they all have it wrong, it would appear that delicious consumed amid the Jewish occasion of Purim. Weak correlations aside, the new delta logo is basic, it would seem that it implies business, and it lives up to expectations flawlessly on attire. Once more, not an awesome logo yet it takes care of business.

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New Glenlivet Whisky Logo


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Good news for all the scotch fans out there! The Glenlivet has unveiled its simple, yet effective logo change that incorporates the iconic bridge passing over the Livet river in distillery’s estate.



When it is about whisky, distillers typically serve as the tradition card, going on in depth about artisanal techniques & rare constituents that justify the higher prices. One of  these is Glenlivet, a Scotch whisky that dates back to 1824. Its website is crammed with pictures of ancient casks, overgrown spring water sources, “professional maltsters” holding “rich Scottish barley”, and so on.

Glenlivet distillery cranks out around six million bottles on a yearly basis, producing the largest-selling single malt whisky within U.S and the second-largest worldwide. So their whisky production is at a massive, industrial level.

As said by SomeOne, a London-based design agency,

“The previous thistle mark, which stood proud for more than fifty years, had reached an impasse. A thistle is synonymous with Scotland but is also a cliché. Something more distinctive to The Glenlivet was needed to represent the brand and to be universally understood.”

So a new logo was crafted, depending on an old bridge that bridges the river Livet that flows through the valley & the Glenlivet estate.

The new logo design of the company itself is nice enough, using as it does a linocut carving to convey an old-timey look, strengthened by the ESTD. 1824 text below. But the joining with the river is misleading, as the water for the whisky is drawn from nearby springs.

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3 Effective Ways To Avoid Scams



Scam companies within  the U.S. and across the globe defraud millions of people on a yearly basis. With the progress made in the tech arena, the tactics to scams are also modified. They use the postal mail, phone, email, and the internet to befool you into sending money or passing out personal information.


Here are three things you can do to stop a scam. So, before making a deal with an unknown company, make sure to keep these in mind.

Know who you’re dealing with.

Find your seller’s physical address (not his/her P.O. Box) and phone number. By the grace of technology and the internet, one cannot guess where someone is calling from. Do some research work for the company name and the site, and look for reviews and testimonials. If people report bad experiences, you’ll need to decide if the deal is worth enough risk. After all, a good deal is the one in which you can end one with something you are promised for.

Know that wiring money is similar to sending cash.

Scam artists will insist you to wire money, especially overseas because reversing the transaction or tracing the money in a foreign country is nearly impossible. Don’t wire your cash to strangers, to sellers who importune on wire transfers for defrayal, or to anybody who claims to be a friend or relative in an emergency and asks to keep that request a secret.


Go through your monthly statements.

Scammers steal your account information and then chalk up the charges or commit crimes using your name. Scam merchants charge you for monthly “membership fees” & other goods or services devoid of your authorization. If you see the charges you don’t acknowledge or didn’t okay, contact your card issuer, bank, or other creditors immediately.


Do Typefaces Speak Louder Than Words???


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“Why care about fonts and typography at all?” A controversial brand argument. The brand is the unique persona that identifies a product, person, service or place. A design provides us the visual representation of a brand. The assortment of typefaces and their arrangement can be as significant as the use of images, color or abstract graphics in crafting a brand, and this is by and large easy to explain.

While working with almost any sort of design/marketing agency, it has become more and more imperative to understand how fonts work & how valuable they are for an entire design. Your designer should help lead you in the right directions, yet you can better converse your needs by gaining a deeper insight into the typography.

The Difference between a Font and a Typeface

One of the most common misapprehensions in the design area is the misuse and subbing of these two terms. Very important it is to be aware of the fact that a typeface is actually just a single individual piece of a font. Whereas the fonts refer to an entire group of similar typefaces. For example, Gotham is a Font, while Gotham Light, Gotham Light Italic, Gotham Light Book Gotham Book Italic, Gotham Bold  and Gotham Bold Italic are some of the typefaces that constitute “Gotham” – the font.


Each typeface has its own unique group of characteristics but still borrows a resemblance from the main font. Understanding many various typeface choices is a crucial step in the development of the designers.

Important Font Terms

Since there is a massive amount of fonts available these days, no individual designer will ever be acquainted with every font out there. However, being aware of the important terms in this domain provides a basis for understanding all fonts in the main.

Serif refers to a slight protrusion at the stroke’s end, typically found at the bottom of letters. Some people refer to these projections as the “little feet.” They help the attention flow through sentences more easily. Whereas the Sans Serif, conversely, is differing to the Serif font and lacks  those “little feet.”

“Script” is a well-known popular font type known for providing a professional and light appeal. Certificates, diplomas, and other formal design/documents make use of this font type.

Why it Matters

For some designers, it is hard to consider that slight alterations in different font types can truly have a major impact on a marketing campaign or design. Does font choice really affect consumer behavior?

Certainly! There are many cases that can advocate this time and time again. Electrolux -the global leader in providing home and professional appliances- has gone for its new brand identity this year.


The main change notice in this rebranding is the replacement of the serif word-mark by a typeface that seems slightly similar to the Hurme Geometric Sans No.3 Semi-bold. The Curved “E” looks a bit odd, but one cannot oversee its affiliation with the counter spaces of Electrolux logo.

Even the slightest of details can create the difference between failure and success in the design world. Specialized designers play an exceedingly important role in helping companies earn market share and avoid marketing mistakes.

One can take guidance from the free font websites where you can have thousands of high-quality fonts that can be easily previews, downloaded and used in a matter of minute, but make sure to keep away from those SCAM websites.

A New Logo For Taiwan’s Design Awards


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A couple of weeks before, JL Design— a pioneering Taiwanese hybrid creative studio— designed a logo in partnership with Tong Yang-Tze (董陽孜), the celebrated Taiwanese calligrapher. The logo design was made for GPDA (Golden Pin Design Award, which is the longest-running design Oscars for the products specifically created for the Chinese-speaking market. Participating individuals and companies are gauged on their capability to innovate in the dynamic economy. Being the gauge for leading designs within the Chinese-speaking communities, the Golden Pin Design Award provides contestants an exceptional opportunity to prove their dexterity in the world’s largest market.


The approach behind the design of this logo was to present a well-balanced blend of Western design techniques and Chinese aesthetics. The logo design was based on Chinese calligraphy, since it is such a distinctive part of Chinese culture.


Apparently the logo design communicates that the GPDA is a design award specifically founded for the Chinese people of the Chinese-speaking world. Even if the viewers do not understand or can not immediately capable of deciphering the three main Chinese characters present in the visual, the design still can come across as an art piece that is inspiring, thoughtful, and distinctive.

Microsoft’s move to expand MS office in android.


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Microsoft recently announced that they are expanding their availability on the android platforms. They released a testing version in November 14 to a few users. The testing version included word, excel and PowerPoint. The version they are releasing now is available to users having Android Kitkat 4.4 and Lollipop 5.0 and also having a tablet with a screen larger the 7 inches.

An essential, buyer centered rendition Office for Android tablets will be accessible for nothing; an adaptation with more business-centered peculiarities will require an Office 365 membership – much the same as Office for iPad does. Clients will have the capacity to view, make and alter content in the Office for Android tablet applications without a membership, however not get to more progressive altering/creation gimmicks or exploits boundless one drive stockpiling without one. The Office for Android tablet suite will incorporate Word, Excel and PowerPoint. OneNote for Android tablets is as of now accessible for download for free from the Google Play store.


Microsoft is tweaking the office on mobile so that it fits the Android market. They are breaking up the office into apps of word, Excel and PowerPoint. Just as they did for Apple play store users where they find different apps for different functions.

Awarded company of USA provide online branding solutions


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Brandedlogodesigns has led from the front to provide online branding solutions to its valued customers. With our forte in logo designing, we have adopted the model of total quality management to imply practices of continuous quality monitoring and improvement measures. Positive customer responses and the prevailing gap between customers and affordable branding solutions provoked Brandedlogodesigns to offer complete branding solution to consumers including website development, print media and social media advertising, and search engine optimization.

Currently we share business in the markets of Europe-45%, USA-40%, Australia-10% and Asia-5%, , with customers belonging from industries from textile, showbiz, music, food chains and several other sectors. Brandedlogodesigns has always focused on how things are been done rather than what is been done. With this management style and attitude, the company has been able to incorporate innovation and thoughtfulness into each process effortlessly. Not only we create designs for you, we guide you with your business ventures helping you to spend your money where it will have enduring growth.

Though, we are quite old in this industry, we believe in standardized processing in order to avoid all havocs and confusions. Following the standard processing model, we are able to accurately comprehend the need of our consumer and also convey our message clearly the recipient. The sequential and simple method has proven to be effective in delivering desired design with 0% errors. In addition to this, we truly understand the importance of being original and unique in this field as hundreds of new websites and brands are launched on daily basis. Thus, our endeavors have always been directed to make your brand stand out among thousand others in the market. Only after practicing these values persistently for years, Brandedlogodesigns was able to retain the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Avail Amazing Smooth Logo Designing Process At BrandedLogoDesigns


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When it’s about designing an identity, it is crucial enough to follow each and every step correctly. At BrandedLogoDesigns the complete logo designing process is moderately smooth and easy. The squad of professional designers at BrandedLogoDesigns are very accommodating and helpful. BrandedLogoDesignsskillful originators have the talent to comprehend the client’s creative brief and also the extraordinary skill to transform their creative brief into an unresolved visual continuation. BrandedLogoDesigns valued customers have the capability to staunchly work with Brandedlogodesigns connoisseurs and to stay in contact with them directly, and this essentially builds a strong communique between designers and clients.


When it is exclusively about communicating the company’smain goal to the large audiences the most useful resource at the moment is accomplishing the company’s goal. Then Brandedlogodesigns have the best resource for this and that is having a unique and classy logo is not a very difficult thing.Many businesses who are the part of this competitive industry, who is not reimbursing any category of consideration near having an identity,which can make them be acknowledged all round the globe accessibly.BrandedLogoDesigns offers best business solutions for their clients, which will assist the clients’ business grow globally.A good logo is the one, which is self explanatory at first glance and attract large audience conveniently. Beside this quality a design should be the one, which helps in satisfying and attracting more customers,as an exclusive and inspiring design that can simply be idolized and laterally with the above revealed qualities consumers can remember the brand with the constructive trait so this can actually intensification the sales.With such advanced technology BrandedLogoDesigns offersprofessional logo designs, as in this digital era BrandedLogoDesign declares, willing to have a unique identity for your brand?In this digital era It’s not very difficult to get a sophisticated identity with the help of BrandedLogoDesign’s professional logo designing team. BrandedLogoDesigns are offering logo designing services at affordable prices and with the suitable offers for the particular service even.


BrandedLogoDesigns have a professional team exclusively for logo designing for your company. BrandedLogoDesigns team can create attractive logos with the help of information provided by you. The most intricate task is working on logo and video designing because exchanging an intangible concept has to be distorted into a visual image. For the past 12 years BrandedLogoDeisgning is working not just to accomplish their tasks, but also to satisfy their clients 100%. BrandedLogoDesigns have a professional team who actually focuses towards helping their clients not just to improve their business growth, but also to bring them on the top most ranking in this competitive market.