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A common phenomenon in humans is that we compare things based on their prices and outer looks to make our buying decision. In doing this, we often sideline the actual quality and true worth of the product. This is not only true for buying clothes and other daily accessories, but in purchasing logo designs as well. People mostly demand for a cheap and attractive logo, not paying attention to the more important factors of originality and copyrights.  A copied and edited logo will not be able to give the same strength to your product as an original and thoughtful logo will. For this reason, if you want to purchase inexpensive logos then you have to either compromise the quality or the originality of the design. In case you want a solution to have both originality and quality of the logo design in cheap rats, then BrandedLogoDesigns can provide a pertinent solution.

There have a number of scams against BrandedLogoDesigns stating that we take use of editing software to design our logo. Undoubtedly, such practices are common in the logo design industry and several companies adopt these strategies to offer logos in minimum prices, as the only effort they put is to edit the logo using a software tool. However, such companies would never offer a money back guarantee policy and will not offer 100% ownership right. It is simple that there is always a probability of customers finding that the design is not original and suing the company. For gaining a few dollars, no company that relies on copied designs would take that much risk; it is plain common sense! Therefore, it is apparent that companies that do offer the additional benefits of money back guarantee and 100% ownership rights have total confidence of their designs. Having said that, BrandedLogoDesigns is one of those companies that not only offers ownership rights and money back guarantee, we also offer the service of customized logo as per the customer’s request. Initially, we offer a set of concept icon from which the customer select the one which is the most suitable for him or her. Only after confirmation we proceed to further designing of the logo, just according to the customer’s description. This concurs to the fact that comments on website and chat forums against BrandedLogoDesigns are plain scams or the dirty trick of BrandedLogoDesigns competitors.

Scamming is not a new strategy to degrade the reputation of the opponent’s brand. What we have learnt over our successful journey of 10 years is that a company can only rise if it puts all attention towards self improvement. For this reason, we apart ourselves from such filthy practices as it would d nothing but to deviate our attention from our prime goal to degrading others. BrandedLogoDesigns’s services and quality standards are unmatched to many others in the market, and therefore, we are confident that BrandedLogoDesigns scams would not be able to affect the company’s name and customer trust.