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A couple of weeks before, JL Design— a pioneering Taiwanese hybrid creative studio— designed a logo in partnership with Tong Yang-Tze (董陽孜), the celebrated Taiwanese calligrapher. The logo design was made for GPDA (Golden Pin Design Award, which is the longest-running design Oscars for the products specifically created for the Chinese-speaking market. Participating individuals and companies are gauged on their capability to innovate in the dynamic economy. Being the gauge for leading designs within the Chinese-speaking communities, the Golden Pin Design Award provides contestants an exceptional opportunity to prove their dexterity in the world’s largest market.


The approach behind the design of this logo was to present a well-balanced blend of Western design techniques and Chinese aesthetics. The logo design was based on Chinese calligraphy, since it is such a distinctive part of Chinese culture.


Apparently the logo design communicates that the GPDA is a design award specifically founded for the Chinese people of the Chinese-speaking world. Even if the viewers do not understand or can not immediately capable of deciphering the three main Chinese characters present in the visual, the design still can come across as an art piece that is inspiring, thoughtful, and distinctive.