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Good news for all the scotch fans out there! The Glenlivet has unveiled its simple, yet effective logo change that incorporates the iconic bridge passing over the Livet river in distillery’s estate.



When it is about whisky, distillers typically serve as the tradition card, going on in depth about artisanal techniques & rare constituents that justify the higher prices. One of  these is Glenlivet, a Scotch whisky that dates back to 1824. Its website is crammed with pictures of ancient casks, overgrown spring water sources, “professional maltsters” holding “rich Scottish barley”, and so on.

Glenlivet distillery cranks out around six million bottles on a yearly basis, producing the largest-selling single malt whisky within U.S and the second-largest worldwide. So their whisky production is at a massive, industrial level.

As said by SomeOne, a London-based design agency,

“The previous thistle mark, which stood proud for more than fifty years, had reached an impasse. A thistle is synonymous with Scotland but is also a cliché. Something more distinctive to The Glenlivet was needed to represent the brand and to be universally understood.”

So a new logo was crafted, depending on an old bridge that bridges the river Livet that flows through the valley & the Glenlivet estate.

The new logo design of the company itself is nice enough, using as it does a linocut carving to convey an old-timey look, strengthened by the ESTD. 1824 text below. But the joining with the river is misleading, as the water for the whisky is drawn from nearby springs.

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